The Innovative Products List (IPL) identifies the product under consideration by the Department for project user in conjuction with Developmental Specifications, Developmental Design Standards and/or Draft language in other Department documents. These developmental documents and products have potential use on the State Highway system but need to be evaluated under actual field conditions. You are encouraged to use these products when applicable to your project subject to following conditions:
  1. These lists are not exclusive. You may request consideration for alternative products.
  2. The use of any of these developmental or draft documents, IPL products and/or alternative products must be approved by Monitor.

Dev Specifications

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Specification Number Resource Links Product Types
Dev-703 - Channelizing Curb Resource Links: 
Dev-705 - Object Markers and Delineators Resource Links: 
Dev-709 - Two Reactive Components Pavement Markings Resource Links: 
Dev-712 - Integrated Multi-Polymer Pavement Markings Resource Links: 
Dev-714 - Green-Colored Pavement Markings Resource Links: