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706 - Raised Pavement Markers and Marker Adhesive (RPM) (1)

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Raised Pavement Marker Class F (1)

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  • Internally Illuminated Raised Pavement Markers (Class F)  (APL Product)

    Supplier: Lux Solar, Inc.
    • Model Number: LS1000+
    • APL Number: 706-005-001
    • Specification: Raised Pavement Markers and Marker Adhesive (RPM)
    • Product Type: Raised Pavement Marker Class F
    • BABA Eligible: Eligible
    • Comment: "Approved colors Red, White, and Yellow" || "Approved for steady illumination only" || For further guidance, see TEM Section 4.6
    • Fabrication:  Buy America Category: Electrical/Electronic, Exempt with FHWA Manufactured Product waiver
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