Notice: Additional APL Product Types continue to be added to document Build America, Buy America (BABA) domestic compliance. Refer to Section 6 of the Specifications for assistance. Contact Product Evaluation, using Help, to submit products.

Product Name Certification #(s)
Apex Dual Recoil Max sign stand 102-070-031 A
Apex Recoil sign stand 102-070-018 A
Apex sign stand 102-070-019 A
Apex Summit sign stand 102-070-032 A
C-102 102-014-078 A
C-202 102-014-079 A
C-301 102-014-086 A
C-801 102-014-080 A
C-902 102-014-085 A
FLH-2472-HI 102-022-020 A
LED Stop Slow Paddle 102-022-019 A
RoadMax 9100 Series Traffic Drum 102-007-030 A
Series E350 Tri-pod 102-014-067 A
Series X550 102-014-066 A
Type III Barricade 102-066-006 A
X-601 102-014-088 A
X-602 102-014-089 A