Notice: Additional APL Product Types continue to be added to document Build America, Buy America (BABA) domestic compliance. Refer to Section 6 of the Specifications for assistance. Contact Product Evaluation, using Help, to submit products.

Product Name Certification #(s)
AEP Tampa 916-012-004 A
High Polymer Tampa 916-037-003 A
NTQS1 Tampa 916-024-011 A
916-038-001 A
PG 52-28 Tampa 916-004-021 A
PG 58-22 Tampa 916-005-017 A
PG 64-22 Tampa 916-000-027 A
PG 67-22 Tampa 916-001-033 A
PG 76-22 (ARB) Tampa 916-007-008 A
PG 76-22 (PMA) Tampa 916-002-024 A
SPMS Tampa 916-018-004 A
SS-1h Tampa 916-020-005 A