Notice: Please be aware that FDOT is enacting Hurricane response measures at this time. The APL will continue to be available for project use. Applications may be affected by slower response times.

Product Name Certification #(s)
4930 ink over T-6500 700-004-023 A
4930 ink over T-9500 700-004-024 A
4930 ink series over T-11500 (Type XI White base sheeting) 700-008-005 A
Avery Dennison OmniBrite WU-7000 Series Roll-Up Retroreflective Film 700-006-005 A
Avery Dennison WC-4100 Series White Retroreflective Cone Collar Sheeting 102-020-007 A
Avery Dennison WR-7100 Reboundable Series 102-008-004 A
OL-2000 film over T-6500 (White base sheeting) 700-004-017 A
OL-2000 film over T7500 (White base sheeting) 700-004-018 A
OmniCube T-11500 700-008-000 A
Omnicube T-11500 (Type XI white base sheeting) with OL-2000 Series 700-008-004 A
SC900 (Black) Overlay Film on T-11500 (Type XI white base sheeting) 700-008-006 A
SC900 (Black) Overlay Film on T-6500 (White base sheeting) 700-004-020 A
SC900 (Black) Overlay Film on T-7500 (White base sheeting) 700-004-021 A
Series T-6500 700-004-002 A
Series T-7500 700-004-016 A
Series W-6000 102-003-003 A
Series W-7514 102-043-002 A
T-11500 OmniCube White with TrafficJet TJ03 Black 102-043-008 A
T-11500 with TrafficJet + Clear OL-2000 700-008-008 A
T-6500 White with TrafficJet TJ03 Black 102-043-006 A
T-6500 with TrafficJet +OL-2000 700-004-029 A
T-9500 Omni-View Prismatic Sheeting 700-004-003 A
V-9700 700-005-001 A
W-7514FO with TrafficJet TJ03 Black 102-043-007 A
W-9514 Omni View Sheeting (Fluorescent Orange) 102-043-003 A
WR-6100 Series Reboundable 102-008-002 A
WR-7100M White 700-004-027 A
WR-7100M White 102-020-006 A