Notice: Additional APL Product Types continue to be added to document Build America, Buy America (BABA) domestic compliance. Refer to Section 6 of the Specifications for assistance. Contact Product Evaluation, using Help, to submit products.

Product Name Certification #(s)
Duratherm 523-000-007 A
HotTape (White) 711-005-003 A
HotTape (Yellow) 711-006-002 A
HotTape SkidOptics Yellow 711-006-009 A
Premark (White) 711-005-001 A
PreMark in Black 711-007-001 A
PreMark In-Lane Rumble Bars 546-000-001 A
Premark SK - Green
PreMark SK-Light Green 714-001-004 A
PreMark SK-Light Green
Premark ViziGrip (White) 711-005-002 A
PreMark ViziGrip Yellow 711-006-006 A
TrafficPatterns 523-000-009 A
TrafficPatterns XD 523-000-015 A